Portland Skanner

“…Gordon Lee is truly a genius.”

Willamette Week

“…brash, forthright, fearless…”

Earshot Jazz

“…he goes beyond standard bop harmony to convey an often impressionistic harmonic sense.”

Jazz Times

“…world class…”

Gavin Jazz

“…comfortable and boppin’ as anything past.”

The Oregonian

“…while Lee’s music is serious, it’s also charming and invigorating. It can be harmonically and rhythmically dense, but it’s not abrasive.”

Jazz Society of Oregon

“…highly creative music…”

Cadence Magazine

“Lee’s music is compelling and his solos are attention grabbers.”

All About Jazz

“…superb arrangements.”

5/4 Magazine

“…always dazzling at the keys…”

Boston Post-Gazette

“Music that brims over with life, energy and uplifting passion…”

Willamette Week

“…world class talent in top form.”

Gordon Lee – Rough Jazz – Reviewer: Alan Stone

“Lee varies the density of feeling throughout the CD, the placid and familiar Someone to Watch Over Me is given a poetic and delicate reading by Lee, but while the listener understands the language used, it remains fresh and satisfying.”

Omaha World-Herald

“Lee’s piano work stands out…”

Oregon Art Institute

“Gordon Lee is one of Portland’s rare gems.”

Willamette Week

“…world class talent in top form.”

The Oregonian

“…powerful soloing…”

All Music Guide – Reviewer: Adam Greenburg

“…Highlights include the grooving bluesy Tobacco Monkey (an anti-smoking anthem actually) and the ending Alternative Blues. Both allow the horn sections to cut loose in various solos in widely different styles, one funky and one somewhat more restrained…”


“Gordon Lee is one of the best pianists on the west coast.”

Willamette Week

“…multi-layered compositional and improvisational skills…”

Improvijazzation Nation – Reviewer: Rotcod Zzaj

“Lee’s keyboards are highlighted, naturally, but the rest of the 16-piece group is able to show off their talent in a very balanced way! The kinda’ jazz you used to hear… the recording is excellent, & captures the pure & joyful energy of Gordon’s compositions in a fashion that will make this one of your favorite albums of the year…”

The Oregonian – Reviewer: Lynn Darroch

“…Fortunately, each tune is built on a recurring melody that defines its character, and is driven by a persistent rhythmic pulse that allows the swinging velocity of jazz syncopation to assert itself, transporting the music from tone poem to dance…”

5/4 Magazine

“Pianist/composer Gordon Lee is one of the key figures in Portland’s mainstream jazz renaissance.”

All About Jazz – Reviewer: Jack Bowers

“…his charts are by no means easy to play. He has cleared that hurdle by mustering a seventeen-piece ensemble comprised of some of the most accomplished musicians in his neighborhood, players who at least make it sound easy…”

Willamette Week

“…Lee is definitely a musician who wishes to take the listener to specific places, and the playing is a means of travel , not the destination itself.”

The Oregonian

“… an engagingly intelligent improviser…”

All About Jazz

“…a great CD!”

Vicki Poppen, Director Arts-in-Education Program, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

“…his dedication to sharing this knowledge with young people in unequalled…”