Recordings as a leader

This Path
Oa2 Records -Released 2010
Gordon Lee (piano), Dave Captein (bass), Ron Steen (drums)
Kevin Deitz (bass), Carlton Jackson (drums), Miguel Bernal (cajon)
  • Gordon Bleu
  • Diatic Records – Released 2006
    Gordon Lee (pno), Thara Memory (trpt)
    Micheal York (ten), Warren Rand (alto), Mel Brown (dr)

  • Gordon Lee 1-2-3One Two Three
  • Diatic Records – Released 2005
    Gordon Lee (pno), Renato Caranto (ten)
    Andre St. James (bs), Carlton Jackson (dr)

  • Gordon Lee Flying DreamFlying Dream
  • Gordon Lee and the Gleeful Big Band : Flying Dream
    OA2 Records 22016 – Released 2004

  • Gordon Lee Rough JazzRough Jazz
  • PHD 1006 – Released 1997
    Gordon Lee (piano), John Gross (saxophone)
    Alan Jones (drums), Dan Schulte (bass)

  • Gordon Lee Shoulders of GiantsOn the Shoulders of Giants
  • Released 1993
    Gordon Lee (piano), Warren Rand (saxophone)
    Leroy Vinnegar (bass), Dick Berk (drums)

  • Gordon Lee - Land WhalesLand Whales in New York
  • Tutu CD 888 136 – Released October 1982
    Gordon Lee (piano), Jim Pepper (saxophone)
    Calvin Hill (bass), Bob Moses (drums)

    Recordings as a sideman

  • Western RebellionThe Western Oregon University Faculty Group: The Western Rebellion
  • Tom Bergeron (saxophone), Keller Coker (trombone)
    Gordan Lee (piano), Christopher Woitach (guitar)
    Dan Schulte (bass), Mel Brown (drums)

  • InclusionAkbar DePriest: Inclusion
  • Javon Jackson (tenor saxophone), Thara Memory (trumpet)
    Phil Sparks (bass), Gordon Lee (piano)
    Akbar DePriest (drums), Nat Yarbro (drums)
    Habiba Addo (vocals), Mario DePriest (vocals)

  • Multnomah RhythmsMultnomah Rhythms
  • Rich Halley (tenor and soprano saxophone, flute, percussion)
    Denny Goodhew (alto saxophone), Richard Burdell (trumpet)
    Gordon Lee, (piano), Steve Willis (bass)
    William Thomas (drums and percussion)
    Obo Addy (percussion), Thara Memory (trumpet)
    Mark Bjorklund (electric bass and percussion)
    Ted Trimble (bass), Dave Captein (bass)
    Greg Smith (vocals), Jim Pribbenow (alto saxophone)

  • On the PathDennis Springer: On the Path
  • LUCKY RECORDS – 1148
    Caton Lyles (percussion),
    Thara Memory (trumpet), Gordon Lee (piano)
    Bruce Smith (percussion),
    Andre St. James (bass), Mike Klinger (piano)
    Dennis Springer (saxophones)

  • Straight AheadRenato Caranto: Straight Ahead

    Recordings as an arranger

  • Art AttackArt Abrams Swing Machine: Art Attack
  • Gordon Lee WhalesMt. Hood CC Jazz Band : Greetings and Salutations
  • Twisted FiddlerHollis Taylor: Twisted Fiddler
  • 1991
    Produced by: Gordon Lee

  • A Torch You Can't LosePam Munter: A Torch You Can’t Lose